The history of the early Methodist Church of Hillsborough is scanty; however, Norma J. Valley was the one who compiled and edited The History of a Church 1839-2003, United Methodist Church, Hillsborough, New Hampshire.  She dug into the archives and found church records, existing articles, known facts, and various data that has been pre-published or made accessible in one form or another that has become the main part of her book.

What we know is that the little Methodist church which began in 1839 in old Hillsborough Center was based on principles presented by John Wesley years before. It was the foundation of our church history and how individuals and committees have moved the church from 1839 into the new millennium. It is a book of dates, events, and lists and does not include a lot of religious doctrine. We want you to know that from the very beginning to our present day, our church family is infused with the love of God. We honor the memory of yesterday’s saints of the Methodist Episcopal Church to today’s saints of the United Methodist Church of Hillsborough, NH with love and affection.

The History of a Church 1839-2003 is a comprehensive history of the United Methodist Church of Hillsborough. It is printed in paperback format and is available at $10.00 per copy. Photographs are included as well as early lists of members, probationers, early marriages, etc.

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A copy of the history is available at the Fuller Public Library in Hillsborough, the church library and at the General Commission on Archives and History of The United Methodist Church in New Jersey.