In the month of May we will be observing several key events.

Mother's Day on May 19 is the day we honor all the ladies of our congregation  Mother's Day is a blessed time, but it is also a difficult one for those who were not able to have children, those who currently estranged from their families, those who grew up in a less than desirable home  Regardless, we will honor mothers and remember those who are having a difficult time in their lives. 

Ascension Day Sunday which falls on May 16 is the time when Jesus rose into heaven.  This day is the final Sunday of the Easter season and we recall the two angels who were present at this momentous event when they said "This same Jesus that you have seen ascend into heaven will return in the same manner.  As modern day Chrstian believers, we look forward to Christ's return, but in the meantime we are active in our faith, making disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Pentecost which is May 23 is the time when the Holy Spirit descended upon the early disciples.  We believe the Holy Spirit is alive and continues to empower believers in strength for living and gifts for service.

Pastor's Bible study meets at the church, second floor.  We are studying Gospel of Luke with the aid of a video.

Women's Bible Study-one group meets at a home on Wednesday at 10am.  Contact us for details and location.