He has risen! He has risen indeed!

Easter is the most important service of the year. It is the commemoration of the Resurrection of Jesus. 

The Resurrection matters because Jesus is who he claimed to be and my past and yours can be forgiven and my future and yours can be secure. 

Easter is to our faith like water is to the ocean or what stone is to the mountain as it is the essence of our Christian faith.

Easter service will be held at Hillsboro United Methodist Church at 10 AM.

This year, instead of donning our Easter bonnet, we will be donning our Easter facial masks! Covid-19 restrictions such as masks and distancing will be practiced.

Pastor's Bible study meets at the church, second floor.  We are studying Gospel of Luke with the aid of a video.

Women's Bible Study-one group meets at a home on Wednesday at 10am.  Contact us for details and location.

Hallejuah! He has risen; He has risen indeed!