In spring, the days are getting longer and the weather warmer. With that, we see the creation of new life in flowering plants.


In spring, we remembered the new resurrection life of Jesus at Easter. We reflect on what Easter means to us and how we are a new creation in Jesus.


On May 29, we will celebrate Pentecost, a time when the Holy Spirit came upon the early disciples and He continues to be poured out today as we seek to be God's instruments in our world.


May 8, on Mother’s Day, we will celebrate all women who are both physical and spiritual mothers to us.


We will have a celebration of life for one of our church pillars, Isabell Blanchard on May 7.


May 29 is our Memorial Day Service. We will have Representative Jim Creighton of Hillsboro District #38 to help us commemorate the day.


Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is great time to reflect on having a new beginning spiritually. Maybe you wanted to read your Bible through this year but quite haven’t done it. This would be a good time to start with the Gospels.


May your journey with God have a fresh new beginning this spring.


The following groups are meeting this month:


"The 3 G's: Gathering, Growing, God" meets at the Maple Leave Village Club House led by Q, Mondays at 10am.


Coffee with God in a home, Tuesdays at 9:30am.


Pastor's Bible Study, at the church, Thursdays at 1030am.


Sermon Study and Intercessory prayer at the parsonage, Saturdays at 9 am.


Pastor Paul